The Nectar Bath

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Visualization is a powerful tool in healing your body, mind and spirit.

The content of your thoughts may have a dramatic effect on your health. Nurturing thoughts of anxiety and alarm when you face a health problem, imagining the worst possible scenarios, will send negative messages to the cells of your body, which – trying to obey the received orders – will work in the direction of aggravating your illness. If, contrary, you imagine in a conscious way that your body is healed, you increase the chances of a fast recovery.

Use also this meditation to prevent illnesses, to promote good health and to increase longevity.

Execution technique:
Sit on a pillow or on a chair in your regular place for meditation. Begin with withdrawing inward your senses by observing your breathing for a few minutes.
Scan your entire body and notice all the minor or major health issues you may have. See them as dark patches that blemish different regions of your body. Observe how these problems bother you, disturbing your life and notice the feelings and emotions generated by them.
Visualize yourself near an amazing waterfall in a warm, tropical landscape. There is no one else there to disturb you. Take your clothes off and find a good way to go straight at the base of this waterfall. Imagine that in its stream is not running common water but a celestial nectar with healing powers. It has the capacity to restore and preserve a perfect state of health, as well as preventing any ailments from touching your body.
Enter under the gentle flow of this waterfall and see all your health issues washed away by this healing nectar, which doesn’t stop at the level of your skin, but also permeates your body, dissolving all the dark patches you had inside.
Acknowledge to yourself that now you are free of any health problems, any pains and worries. Come out of the waterfall and return to the shore, where you can dry in the sun. Feel the effects of this nectar bath spreading in your entire being. Get dressed and leave this healing sanctuary knowing that you may return here whenever you want.