KAKI MUDRA – “Crow’s Gesture”

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Wtechnique1hile you inhale through the mouth make an “O” with your lips and roll the tongue upwards on its axis, like a fresh leaf that is just opening.

Stick the tongue 1-1.5 cm (0.5 inch) out of the mouth and inhale slowly through the opening of the rolled tongue.

Be aware of the flux of the energy absorved in the body at the level of the tongue and the flow of the subtle energy moving along the spine. Exhale on the nose and repeat. Perform for five minutes.

You will feel an increase of vital energy and a decrease of the body temperature. In the end of the technique, close your eyes and orient them in a convergent strabism towards the middle of the forehead, or on the top of the head.

IMG_2375 Remain for one or two minutes. Feel the mental tranquillity and a general state of calmness.

Repeat it every day of this month. It is a perfect way to cool down and refresh in a hot summer day. Do not practice if you have a throat inflammation or a cough.