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There are certain basic principles that are related to increased libido and sexual pleasure. Skipping meals, overeating, stress, fatigue, the psychic state, are factors that influence sexual potency. Food can be a key element for a successful sexuality. Foods contain vitamins, minerals and amino acids that can help to stimulate your sexual desire and contribute to a healthy sex life. From strawberries to oysters, mangos, pine nuts and asparagus, you can introduce into your diet foods that will contribute to a healthy sex life. Therefore supplement your diet with foods like the ones mentioned above and add also seeds of sesame, avocado, ginger, almonds, spinach, red fruits, tomato, watercress and beet, since all these contain nutrients which help your libido.

Some recipes … for special occasions…

Energy mix
Three tablespoons of pumpkin seeds are mixed with three tablespoons of dried raisins and with a little of cardamom, ginger and cinnamon powder. It is an extremely rich blend of zinc, iron, protein and vitamin F, having a powerful aphrodisiac effect.

Aphrodite’s breasts
This is a very suitable recipe for the beginning of autumn, as the main ingredient is figs. But, also, it can be used at any time of the year, by using dried figs.

Ingredients: 450 grams of figs (fresh or dried), 2 tablespoons sesame, the juice or the peel of an orange, 3 drops of aniseed oil, a teaspoon of vanilla essence or a small piece of berry, well crushed, one tablespoon of cinnamon powder or cardamom seeds, one teaspoon of powdered piripiri.

Preparation: Mix everything with a food processor, until it is a thin paste. Then shape it in the form of cones and spray them with coconut nut or chocolate powder.

In West India prepare a recipe that contains beets dipped in white sauce and seasoned with spring onion, piripiri, vanilla and pepper. It is said that this recipe is an excellent sexual tonic.

               Adapted by Carmen Mitroi

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