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Scientific name: Brassica oleracea
Physiological Properties: Vermifuge, microbicide, draining, mineralizing, diuretic-detersive, cellular revitalizer, internal disinfectant, detoxifier, hematopoietic function, cicatrization.

Quimical composition, minerals and vitamins:
Active Oxidases, Provitamin A, Vit: A, B1, C, PP, Rapcinic acid, erucin, organic mineral salts, P, Ca, K, arsenic, Fe, I (very poor), S (very rich), Mg.

Physiotherapeutic and Fisioesthetic Indications*:
Internal –
 Pulmonary and cutaneous conditions, urinary inflammations / ulcerations, dissolving calculi, parasitic concretions, gums, crystals of uric acid, oxalic, pyruvic, clean and remineralizing the organism, nephritis, sands, scurvy, polio, smelly perspiration, gout, rheumatism, sciatica, cold, arthritis, dysentery, heart disease, bronchitis, chronic rhinitis, asthma, obesity, cellulitis, pulmonary, bone and lymph tuberculosis, hydrops, ulcerative colitis, hyperthyroidism, neuralgia, total / partial paralysis, lymph node involvement, all dermatoses, anemia , simple leukemia, seborrhea.
External – cataplasms on burns, eruptions, inflamed / purulent sores, miscellaneous wounds, leg and varicose ulcers, anthraxes, boils, panicles, abscesses, facial and dental neuralgia, sprains.
*Aesthetics – Face masks detoxify in depth the epidermis, suppresses acne, seborrhea, buttons and beautifies the skin.