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Scientific name: Prunus armeniaca
Physiological Properties: Very nutritious; highly energetic; has an important role in glucose metabolism; maintains the nervous balance (tonic, sedative, revitalizing); activates cell development; increases phagocytosis; it contributes in the elaboration of the plastic, bony and nervous tissues.

Quimical composition, minerals and vitamins:
Vitamins: A and B. Iron, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, sulfur, manganese, fluorine, cobalt, bromine, assimilable carbohydrates.

Physiotherapeutic and Fisioesthetic Indications*: Constipation, antidiarrheal, hypertension, depression, polio, general deficiency, anemia, rickets, growth retardation, convalescence, insomnia, cancer, etc.). Fresh juice is indicated for normal skins. *Moderate tonic and effective velvet.