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October 2016

Feng Shui Workshop

22nd of October 2016

November 2016

Vipasana Meditation Retreat

25th of November 2016 - 27th of November 2016

VIPASSANA is a simple meditation technique, very famous, especially in the Zen and Buddhist tradition. This technique purifies the subconscious, calms the mind, enhances positive thinking and reveals, awakens and broadens the practitioner's higher consciousness, gradually leading to a state of perfect serenity and equanimity.

January 2017

Do In Level I Workshop, Saturday, January 21

21st of January 2017

The workshop teaches a simple Do In technique, that everyone can apply to himself and stimulates the great functions of the body: breathing, circulation, digestion.This simple practice strengthening us against different types of stress making our lives much easier. It is shown to be an excellent way to make us aware of our own body and the relationship that exists between our gestures, our inner attitude and our health.

Based on the principles of universal balance (Tao), this method offers immediate and lasting results being an excellent and easy curative method, prevention and achieve daily well-being.

Participants will learn about the therapeutic properties of some main points of acupuncture, how to localize them in the body, and how to use different types of pressure on them in a certain sequence, combined with breathing and simple and natural gestures, thus balancing the energy circulation of the full body.

On a single Saturday, participants will learn and acquire the ability to perform this method autonomously, at home, to maintain their daily form. For this purpose a manual with photographs and an accurate description of the technique is also available.

Timetable: 21 of January, 9 am-1 pm and 2 pm-7 pm Location: Pestana Palms Hotel (Lido) Open for subscriptions Contacts: 965 239 432 / 967 656 861 contact@sundari-center.com

Read below our article on Do In https://www.sundari-center.com/do-in/

February 2017

Do In Meeting

15th of February 2017

The participation implies  a contribution (donation)  for the payment of the room.

Timetable: 8 pm Location: Pestana Palms Hotel (Lido) Contacts: 965 239 432 / 967 656 861 contact@sundari-center.com

March 2017

Vipasana Meditation Retreat

3rd of March 2017 - 5th of March 2017

VIPASSANA is a simple meditation technique, very famous, especially in the Zen and Buddhist tradition. This technique purifies the subconscious, calms the mind, enhances positive thinking and reveals, awakens and broadens the practitioner’s higher consciousness, gradually leading to a state of perfect serenity and equanimity.

Location: Arco da Calheta, Madeira Registration until 1 March 2017 Contacts: 965 239 432 / 967 656 861 contact@sundari-center.com

About last Vipasana Retreat


April 2017

Do In Level II Workshop – April 1

1st of April 2017
The workshop deepens the knowledge acquired in the first level of Do In and teaches a new sequence of movements that acts on the meridians energy circulation, providing balanced and harmonizing effects. In addition to this practical application, an illustrated manual with all information for daily practice is offered. Timetable: 1 of April, 10 am-1 pm and 3 pm-7 pm Location: Pestana Palms Hotel (Lido) Open for subscriptions Contacts: 965 239 432 / 967 656 861 contact@sundari-center.com About last Do In Workshops https://www.sundari-center.com/pt-pt/gallery-albums/workshop-de-do-in-nivel-i-21-de-janeiro-2017/ https://www.sundari-center.com/pt-pt/gallery-albums/do-in-workshop-level-i-2014/

May 2017

Shiva Seminar – Tantra Dasha Mahavidya (May 12-14)

12th of May 2017 - 14th of May 2017
Initiatory journey into the Heart of Shiva “The one who evokes the name of Siva and remembers Him continuously, The one who, detached from the fruit of his actions, purifies his mind from the illusion of duality, To him and only to him, Siva will reveal Himself "  Lalla The Shiva seminar is dedicated to the highest spiritual aspect which is the pure consciousness, the essence and the source of all Creation. We will approach it from the perspective of the Kashmir Shaivism. Here, the name given to the Supreme Creator is Paramashiva and to His aspect that is oriented for the manifestation of creation is Shiva. This seminar will introduce philosophical notions and teach meditation techniques that are necessary to guide and open our hearts for all that is the most beautiful, deepest and more real in our being. With the same goal, we will also integrate the practice of postures, breathing techniques, and specific concentrations methods. The Shiva mantra initiation is offered to those who participated in other initiations in Dasha Maha Vidya. The seminar ends with a transfiguration ritual, puja, that will consolidate the experiences and the energies reached during the workshop. All the meditations will be oriented to the revelation of the Spiritual Heart, where everything exists. The Heart of Shiva is full of splendour, bright and ardent, and we approach It through the understanding of the different aspects of Shiva. These high aspects contain the entire Creation, with all that she represents and manifest and, at the same time, they elevate us to the happiness that lies beyond the world, besides the illusion. Thus, we will deeply understand that the most important thing is to love, to have the power to fly within our soul and meet ourselves within the Heart of the World, The Heart of Shiva.   About last Seminar https://www.sundari-center.com/gallery-albums/synthesis-seminar-tantra-dasha-mahavidya-shakti/

July 2017

Retreat Santa Maria da Feira: Yoga & Tai Chi from 22 to 30 of July

22nd of July 2017 - 30th of July 2017

Perfect holiday for your well-being

Participating in a healthy holiday program allows you to not only to harmonize your health, eliminate tiredness and learn specific techniques for this purpose, but also enjoy the tourist goals of the area you are visiting. The place we choose to seek energy, Santa Maria da Feira, is surrounded by the beauty of a Natural Park . Located at the crossroads of the North-South and Litoral-Interior axis of Portugal, Santa Maria da Feira has a medieval charm that enchants all those who visit it. With a history that goes back to Roman times, the region is blessed with a sweet natural beauty. Inatel Santa Maria da Feira Hotel is situated halfway between Porto and Aveiro. The hotel is surrounded by a beautiful natural park and two steps away from the medieval castle. Here, the contact with nature and the sight of the green hills offers an unforgettable experience, full of tranquility and comfort.  With 80 fully equipped rooms, minibar, sitting area with sofas, writing desk and cable TV, The Inatel Santa Maria da Feira Hotel also has spaces for socializing and leisure that extend from the interior to the exterior. You can take a fruit cocktail or a hot drink at the social bar in the late afternoon. The hotel restaurant is spacious and airy, with a view torn from the medieval castle. The menu is an ode to the traditional northern gastronomy with options of dishes that tell the history of the region in an unforgettable trip of flavours. However, the retreat participants' meals will preferably be vegetarian. During the retreat, you will be staying in a double room with a private bathroom. Outside, the swimming pool is surrounded by a quiet landscape, painted in shades of green. The hotel also has a tennis court, games room, meeting room, social room, free Wi-Fi, and private parking. The well-being in the vacation that we propose has to do with the balance between fun, relaxation and energy recover. Combining and adapting psychosomatic techniques of Yoga, Qigong and Taichi, our goal is to balance and increase your energy. The concept encompasses three principles: achieving proper posture, proper breathing, and digging into soothing and regenerating relaxation. All this can bring you better internal control and harmony between the physical body, mind and emotions. Under experienced guidance, you will learn and practice natural methods, simple and easy to perform, tonning and strengthen the body, increasing resistance to stress, improving your mental activity and harmonizing your emotions. In addition to the retreat program, there are also some optional excursions for the ones who want to enjoy the beauty of Santa Maria da Feira. In the surroundings of the city and within it, you can explore some of the region's points of interest, such as the Caldas de São Jorge thermal baths, the Convento dos Loios (monastery), the Santa Maria da Feira Castle, and the Municipal Ornithological Park in Lourosa, the only country zoo exclusively devoted to birds. If you are traveling with your family, be sure to visit Visionarium, an interactive science museum in Santa Maria da Feira, which invites youngsters to embark on an adventure of unforgettable knowledge. The offer is varied and includes activities such as beach safaris, laboratory workshops, and summer workshops. After eight days you will definitely notice the difference and will want to continue to maintain the lightness achieved, so you can incorporate in your daily life the methods learned, in order to increase your energy, maintain the health and quality of your life.

Typical daily schedule

07:50 Prasada (consecrated fruits and tea) 08:00 Yoga class - asanas and pranayama 10:00 Breakfast 11:00 Taichi/Qigong class 13:00 Lunch 16:00 Taichi/Qigong class 17:00 Yoga class - asanas and pranayama 19:00 Dinner 20:00 Esoterically aspects about practice, questions and answers 21:00 Meditation 22:00 Good night

The timetable is subject to change

* Do not be afraid of waking up early on vacation. It is scientifically proven that the best time to wake up in good health is no later than 7 in the morning.


The price for eight nights is € 470 per person, in full board, in a double room, with activities included (less the costs of transferring from the airport to the hotel and the possible transport on the excursions). The food is ovo-lacto-vegetarian, but it is not an exclusive condition. We offer, if there is interest, programs and tips on healthy nutrition.

Registration is open until May 25, 2017.

Payment must be made at the time of registration. The retreat is possible with a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 20 people.

Contacts: 965 239 432/967 656 861 contact@sundari-center.com Address: R. Castelo, 4520-306 Santa Maria da Feira


I'm an Eugen Tai Chi student and I love his classes. I feel harmonized and energized. Since I started to practice Tai Chi I noticed the improvement of my body balance and correct posture and I improved my ability to remain calm.I look forward to participating in this retreat. Thank you for organizing it.  Raquel
I love to participate in the yoga retreats organized by the Sundari Center. The techniques, such as concentration, asana, meditation,  are simple, accessible and with fast and visible results, for the most attentive ones. The environment is empathetic and of true inner joy. The meals are simple but very tasty. If I had to describe these retreats in one word, it would be: EQUANIMITY. I thank the Universe for these opportunities. Teresa

June 2019

Tantra Vidya Seminar Initiation on the spiritual path of Ganesha

14th of June 2019 - 16th of June 2019

14th -16th of June, 2019

Ganesha represents the perfect balance between desire and goodness, power and beauty. Resonate with His energy develops the discernment which helps us evolve into a pure and harmonious existence. Ganesha awakens the wisdom and the intelligence, in the same time being the one who initiates the control of the senses. Ganesha is invoked for the removal of obstructions that may appear in life or on the spiritual path. Also, the awakening of resonance with the invincible force of Ganesha plays an essential role for the ones who want to achieve spiritual or material goals. Being considered the son of Shiva and Shakti, Ganesha unifies within the human being the energy force of nature with the sublime spirituality. Fosters in us the transcendence of the individual limits and the embrace with the infinity of the universe, like the embrace between Shiva and brilliant Shakti, from which the son Ganesha was born.

Content of the seminar

  • Ganesha Mantra initiation
  • Yoga Nada meditation with the subtle sound of Ganesha's mantra, that will awaken Ganesha’s specific forces
  • Hridaya Meditation to reveal the Atman
  • Japa Yoga
  • Understanding the strength of the Ganesha Yantra
  • Tantric cosmogony
  • Essential teachings about the energies and the control of the senses
  • Methods of overcoming the limits of individuality
  • Hridaya Hatha Yoga
  • Legends and symbolism of the Ganesha - practical applications for daily life
  • How to organize a Tantric Altar
  • Final ritual to stabilize the positive energies developed in the course of the seminar
In order to have a pure energy, participants who wish to obtain this initiation should not consume meat (or fish), shellfish, insects, etc., with at least one month before the beginning of the seminar.

May that the Sacred Vibration of the Spiritual Heart illuminates our life!



14th of June, 19:00 – 22:00, The initiation with Ganesha mantra 15th of June, 9:00-13:00 e 16:00-20:00 Theory and practice 16th of June, 9:00 – 13:00, Synthesis; 14:30 – 18:00 Ritual with Ganesha’s Green Yantra

Price: 120 €

Place: Pestana Palms (Lido), Funchal, Madeira

Contactos: 00351 965 239 432 / 00351 964 379 491 contact@sundari-center.com

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