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February 2017

Masculine Awareness (Shiva Group)

4th of February 2017

The classes aim to approach a healthy perspective on masculinity, using traditional and modern methods of male regeneration such as Kegel methods, Taoist techniques for the control of sexual energy, etc. Throughout history, the decline of masculinity has led to the spiritual degeneration of mankind. We invite you to remember our

Timetable: 4 of February, 10 am to 1 pm Location: Pestana Palms Hotel (Lido) Open for subscriptions Contacts: 965 239 432/967 656 861 contact@sundari-center.com

Feminine Harmony (Shakti Group) February 4th

4th of February 2017

We invite you, to learn, together with us, how to evaluate our femininity, how to maintain our beauty, how to find the strength of our innate harmony. We will address themes and practices that strengthen and harmonize our feminine energy, keep us healthy and beautiful at any age, help us understand the myth of menstruation, menopause, to know which are the natural remedies most appropriate for the beauty of the body , understanding the masculine mind and much more …

Timetable: one Saturday every 2 months, according to the calendar, from 10 am to 1 pm Location: Pestana Palms Hotel (Lido) Open for subscriptions Contacts: 965 239 432/967 656 861 contact@sundari-center.com teresagoupat@gmail.com  

March 2017

Masculine Awareness (Shiva Group) – March 11

11th of March 2017

The classes aim to approach a healthy perspective on masculinity, using traditional and modern methods of male regeneration such as Kegel methods, Taoist techniques for the control of sexual energy, etc. Throughout history, the decline of masculinity has led to the spiritual degeneration of mankind. We invite you to remember our

Timetable: 9 am to 1 pm Location: Pestana Palms Hotel (Lido) Open for subscriptions Contacts: 965 239 432/967 656 861 contact@sundari-center.com

June 2017

International Children’s Day

1st of June 2017

Open class!

Timetable:  19h Location: Pestana Palms Hotel (Lido) Contacts: 965 239 432 / 967 656 861 contact@sundari-center.com

In Search of Energy: Walking tour to the lagoons of Dona Beija – June 10

10th of June 2017

Meeting point at the main entrance of Marina Shopping (Av. do Infante), at 8:30 am. Bring a bathing suit and picnic food (a farnel). And of course, do not forget the joy, the songs, the anecdotes and bring friends. Along the way we will sing and play, but also meditate and feel the energy of the place!

Registration contacts: 965 239 432/967 656 861 contact@sundari-center.com

Mystical Poetry Meeting – June 14, 2017

14th of June 2017
The idea of ​​a meeting of mystical poetry was born in a Yoga seminar about beauty, truth and harmony ... and here we were, some for the first time, looking for mystical poets and their verses, letting our souls choose the vibration that they liked best ... Then it was the turn of our voices to express the thrill of the soul and, in Praia Formosa, on a beautiful spring night of 2012, under the light of torches and with the sunset, the poems were recited ... The murmur of the sea waves and seagulls gathered their songs to the mystical assembly in a divinely magical symphony ... The wind expressed the freedom and madness of the beautiful words, as if he wnate to bring them all to the world, saying: "Listen, The poets are still sung ... the beauty of the words is alive, because there are people who seek her and love her... " We invite the followers of beauty to join us for another magical night ... in an encounter with divine inspiration translated into words. It is, above all, the echo of the inner voice, that speaks to everyone of the most beautiful Mystery of life ... Bring a poem you would like to read and a candle... Time and location: 7:00 pm at Cais do Carvão Open for subscriptions Contacts: 965 239 432 / 967 656 861 contact@sundari-center.com Moments of Mystical Poetry Meeting of 2012 https://www.sundari-center.com/gallery-albums/mystical-poetry-meeting/

International Day of Yoga – June 21

21st of June 2017

Come join us, in Funchal, at 19h and let´s celebrate together the International Day of Yoga. You will need a mat, comfortable clothing, socks, a mantel and a flashlight. Do not forget the joy, the playing spirit and bring all the friends you have ... It will be fun!

Recognizing its universal appeal, on 11 December 2014, the United Nations proclaimed 21 June as International Yoga Day by resolution 69/131. International Yoga Day aims to raise awareness worldwide of the many benefits of practicing yoga.

Contacts: 965239432 / 967656861 contact@sundari-center.com

With the Spirits of Nature – Saint John’s Eve (June 23)

23rd of June 2017
We celebrate the magical night of Saint John, honoring the benevolent spirits of nature, the fairies, the gnomes, the undines, the elves ... thanking them for their care for our land. Join us in this wonderful magical encounter. Location: Parque Ecológico do Funchal Meet point: Marina Shopping, at 11:00 pm Contacts: 965 239 432/967 656 861 Contact@sundari-center.com

July 2017

Party – End of Academic Year: 17 of July

17th of July 2017
Timetable: 7:30 pm to 9 pm Location: Pestana Palms Hotel (Lido) Contacts: 965 239 432/967 656 861 contact@sundari-center.com

September 2017

September 4 – Integral Yoga classes

4th of September 2017
The Sundari Center informs his students that the Integral Yoga classes will be restarted next Monday, September 4, at 19h30. During the month of September, we will have classes twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, at 7:30 pm, after Tao Yin class. Let's go back to practicing together, and in synergy harmonize body, mind and spirit, find our inner peace!

October 2018

New! 9 modules to improve and maintain your well-being

28th of October 2018 - 25th of July 2019
Designed to improve the quality of our lives, the 9 monthly modules combine techniques and procedures from traditional arts, such Yoga, Qigong, Phytotherapy (plant therapy), Do In, with techniques inspired from various modern domains, such as Psychology Mindfulness, Posturology, Nutrition, etc. To facilitate the choice according to individual needs, each class and each module are designed as autonomous, but If you wish a holistic personal development, we recommend modular participation in the various themes described below. The procedures we will learn and practice are easy to do and adapted to the characteristics of each participant in part, with effective applicability in everyday life of anyone. We notify that the classes emphasize especially the practice and not only the transmission of information, so you need, in addition to a notebook and pencil, a light tracksuit, a yoga mat or a beach towel, comfortable socks and, most importantly, curiosity and enthusiasm in learning and practicing ? The modules run on every Thursday, from 19.30 to 21.30,in Funchal,  at the Pestana Palms Hotel – Lido. The participation can be monthly (by module/modules), or punctual (by class). People enrolled in our Yoga courses have free access. Participation is open to anyone who wishes to enrich his knowledge and improve his wellness !
  1. Posture, posture, posture! 8-29. 11. 2018 (November 2018)

- What it means to have a correct body posture, the impact on health and wellbeing

- Techniques to correct, improve and maintain the correct posture and flexibility of the body     

  1. Good-bye, cold and flu! 6 – 27. 12th 2018 (December 2018)

-Techniques that strengthen the immune system, helping in resilience to seasonal pathogenic agents

-Advises and tips to avoid the problems generated between seasons change

  1. The view, priceless treasure of our life! 10-31. 01.2019 (January 2019)

-Techniques to strengthen and maintain healthy eyes and sight

-Advises on hygiene, food, and  plants for eye care

  1. The wonder of relaxation! 7 – 28. 02.2019 (February 2019)

-Procedures to relax and become naturally calm

-Advises and tips to resist stress, eliminate insomnia and improve sleep

  1. Brain in shape! 7-28. 03.2019 (March 2019)

-Techniques to strengthen mental control, memory, concentration, mental tranquility

-Tips on nutrition and daily habits that keep the health of the brain

  1. Inhale, exhale... The beautiful symphony of the body! 4 – 25. 04. 2019 (April 2019)

-Breathing techniques to improve and maintain the proper functioning of the respirator apparatus

-Information on the benefits of better blood oxygenation, tips on allergy control, hygiene of the respirator system,

-Miraculous food, healthy habits, and plants that help to eliminate excess mucous

  1. Detox, vitality and strengthened body! 9 – 30.05.2019 (May 2019)

-Techniques to maintain healthy digestion, eliminate fat unnecessary, strengthen muscle mass and increase the personal will power

-Hygiene of the digestive tract, feeding and plants that increase vitality

  1. Fortify and protect the purity of your energy! 6 - June 27 (June 2019)

-Program for the control and the purification of the negative personal tendencies

-Techniques and tips for energy protection: individual, home, and the region where you live

  1. Joy and happiness: external gifts or personal achievements? 4-25 July (July 2019)

-Techniques to overcome sadness, anguish, anxiety, etc.

-Advises and tips on the essentials of a happy life

More information and registration: 00 351 965 239 432; 00 351 964 379 491; contact@sundari-center.com ; sundaricenter.madeira@gmail.com

November 2018

New beginner’s group of Integral Yoga practitioners-November and December, 2018

7th of November 2018 - 27th of December 2018
We form a new beginner’s group of Integral Yoga practitioners! Yoga, when well understood and correct practiced, and is one of the most old and complete personal development systems, being regarded as "a true science of and about the human being". A person who practices yoga in an organized way develops concentration, self-knowledge, self-control and resilience to stress. Our Integral Yoga classes pursue to relax the mind and recharge the body's energy for supporting the health, harmonizing the daily life and achieving a stable well-being. The fundamental principles of the yoga practice are explained from the first classes of the course. All techniques are taught in a detailed way, covering the correct mode of execution, the physical and energetic effects and the errors to avoid, if you want to perform them safely, at home. The theoretical part of each technique  is also offered in paper support, for individual study. Why Integral Yoga? There are countless and varied traditional types of yoga and all of them were conceived throughout history with a single and clear purpose: the transcendence of the concept of the isolated "self" and the achievement of the identifying union of the individual with the Universal consciousness. In the West, generally is practiced more the physical component of yoga, while in the East it is emphasized more its  ritual and spiritual dimension. The Integral Yoga concertizes the integration of the two and focuses on harmonizing in a profound and stable way the body, the mind and the spirit. For that we use an wise combination between the various traditional yoga practices  (e.g. Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Laya Yoga Bhakti Yoga Kundalini Yoga, Tantra Yoga, meditation, etc.) and modern yoga adaptations (e.g. Flow Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Mindfulness, etc.), recipe that seeks to balance, purify and strengthen the human being, thus helping to improve health and mental control, realization of Self, inner peace and un harmonious integration of the individual into society and Universe. In conclusion, our course of Integral Yoga uses traditional yoga techniques that have shown invaluable efficacy over the time in order to purify the body, strengthen the mind and achieve happiness, helping us to experience SAT CHIT ANANDA (Pure Existence, Pure Consciousness, Pure Bliss). Along with the practice of the postures, there are also trained techniques for meditation, relaxation, conscious sleep, detoxification, natural stomach and intestines cleansing, healthy nutrition, etc. If you do not practice yoga and would like to start learning or if you already practice, but wanted to further deepen your knowledge and practice, be our guest, every Wednesday, from the day 7 November Up The end of December for an experimental class.   The course also could be inspiring for teachers and already trained yoga instructors who would like to deepen their practice, regardless of the style of yoga they are teaching.  

Thankful for your attention 🙂

For more information and registration, please contact us in contact@sundari-center.com; sundaricenter.madeira@gmail.com;  00 351 965 239 432, 00 351 964 379 491  
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