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Yoga Classes – Beginners (every Wednesdays)

A new group of Integral Yoga will be formed in November. If you still do not practice yoga and would like to start learning or if you already practice, but you would like to consolidate your knowledge and practice in this area, be our guest in 6th of November, for an experimental lesson.
The Integral Yoga classes that we teach are oriented for relaxing the mind, recovering the body energy, maintaining your health, harmonizing the day, and learning how to become even happier.
From the beginning, we will explain the fundamental principles of yoga practice, developing throughout the year the capacities of concentration, self-knowledge and self-control, resilience to stress. It is of common knowledge now a days that well-practiced yoga is the oldest and most complete personal development system.
Integral Yoga aims to harmonize the body, mind and spirit. It´s practice balances, purifies and strengthens the human being, is seeking the perfection of health and mental control, is aiming the realization of the self and the installing of inner peace.
Through this practice, it may be obtained a harmonious integration of the individual in the society and in the universe. It´s purpose is to attain the consciousness of the unity and interdependencies of phenomenon, transcending the concept of the separated “I” into an identifying union of the individual with a universal consciousness. To achieve this goal, Integral Yoga uses traditional yoga techniques that train and purify the body and mind, which have proved to be, over time, invaluable.

Joins us, from the first class, on November 6, at Pestana Palms Hotel, Funchal, at 7.00 pm.

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