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Mystical Poetry Meeting – June 14, 2017

The idea of ​​a meeting of mystical poetry was born in a Yoga seminar about beauty, truth and harmony … and here we were, some for the first time, looking for mystical poets and their verses, letting our souls choose the vibration that they liked best … Then it was the turn of our voices to express the thrill of the soul and, in Praia Formosa, on a beautiful spring night of 2012, under the light of torches and with the sunset, the poems were recited … The murmur of the sea waves and seagulls gathered their songs to the mystical assembly in a divinely magical symphony … The wind expressed the freedom and madness of the beautiful words, as if he wnate to bring them all to the world, saying: “Listen, The poets are still sung … the beauty of the words is alive, because there are people who seek her and love her… ”

We invite the followers of beauty to join us for another magical night … in an encounter with divine inspiration translated into words. It is, above all, the echo of the inner voice, that speaks to everyone of the most beautiful Mystery of life …

Bring a poem you would like to read and a candle…

Time and location: 7:00 pm at Cais do Carvão
Open for subscriptions
Contacts: 965 239 432 / 967 656 861

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