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Detoxification drinks have an influential effect on the body’s recuperative powers because of their rich, easily absorbed nutrients. Fresh juices contain proteins, carbohydrates, chlorophyll, mineral electrolytes and healing aromatic oils. But most importantly, fresh juice therapy makes available to every cell in our bodies large amounts of plant enzymes, an integral part of the healing and restoration process.
Nothing gets done in our bodies without enzymes. Digestive function, assimilation and elimination are all instigated or assisted by enzymes. Enzymes play a vital part in breaking down foreign matter (like toxins) as well as food. Enzymes and mineral electrolytes (which restore peristaltic bowel activity) are major contributors to moving toxins out of the body instead of building up and poisoning us. When your diet is full of cooked foods without enzymes or low residue or/and processed foods (which have more tendency to stagnate and putrefy), the process of internal decay develops far more rapidly.
Our bodies are designed to be self-healing organisms. Healing is allowed to occur through cleansing. Cleansing foods and juices can optimize your detox program. In fact, they are crucial to its success in three ways:

• They keep your body chemistry balanced and your body processes stable while you detox, so you don’t become uncomfortable. Don’t forget that Mother Nature is cleaning house during a detox cleanse. You may eliminate accumulated poisons and wastes quite rapidly, causing headaches, slight nausea and weakness as your body purges. (These reactions are usually only temporary and disappear along with the waste and toxins.)

• They regulate the speed of your detox so your body doesn’t cleanse too fast or dump too many toxins into your bloodstream all at once that your body can’t handle.

• They support your nutrition and energy levels while you detox, so you don’t become too hungry or to tired. New healthy tissue starts building right away when the detoxification juices are taken in. Gland secretion stimulate the immune system during a cleanse to set up a disease defense environment.

Should you get a juicer?
Juicers are expensive appliances, but they can really boost the nutrient power of your cleansing drinks. A good juicer essentially predigests fresh fruits and vegetables for almost immediate assimilation by your body. A juicer can juice all of a fruit or vegetable (even rinds, stems, peels, seeds) to give you up to 95% of the plant’s food and nutritive value.
The best juicer are the pressure ones instead of centrifugation juicer.
For best results, juice organically-grown, fresh fruits and vegetables. But lets face it. In these hectic times, it is just not always convenient to make fresh organic juices all of the time.

Here are some of the best cleansing foods to include in your detox:

Fruits and fruit juices eliminate wastes quickly and help reduce cravings for sweets.

Fresh vegetable juices carry off excess body acids, and are rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes that satisfy the body’s nutrient requirements with less food.

Chlorophyll-rich drinks and green superfoods like spirulina, chlorella, and barley grass help stabilize and maintain the acid/alkaline balance of the body and also have anti-infective properties. Since chlorophyll has a molecular structure close to our own plasma, drinking them is like giving yourself a mini transfusion. They especially help clear the skin, cleanse the kidneys, and clean and build the blood.

• Herb teas and mineral drinks provide energy and cleansing at the same time, without having to take in solid food for fuel

Sea greens act as the ocean’s purifiers and they perform much the same for the human body, also largely made up of salt water. They are almost the only non-animal source of Vitamin B12, necessary for cell development and nerve function.

In the next articles of this page we will provide information and recepies about all this categories of detoxifiers.

Remember these easy diet watchwords as you use the detox drinks:

—The day before you begin your detox, eat green salads and fresh fruits, so that the upcoming body chemistry changes will not be uncomfortable. A gentle herbal laxative taken in the night before is beneficial.

—Avoid all dairy products and cooked foods during a cleansing detox.

—Drink six to eight 200 ml-250 ml glasses of bottled water daily to keep your body continually flushing out the toxins your tissues are releasing.



This is the single most effective juice for cleansing, neutralizing acids and rebuilding the body. It is a blood and body tonic that provides rapid energy and system balance.

For one 355 ml glass:
Juice in a juicer 3 carrots, 3 stalks celery, ‘/2 bunch spinach, I tablet snipped, dry sea greens, ‘/2 bunch of parsley.


If you don’t have a juicer, make a potassium broth in a soup pot. While not as concentrated or pure, it is still an excellent source of energy, minerals and electrolytes.

For a 2 days supply:
Cover with water in a soup pot 3 to 4 carrots, 3 stalks celery, ‘/2 bunch parsley, 2 potatoes with skins, ‘/2 head cabbage, I onion, and ‘/2 bunch broccoli, 2 tablets snipped, dry sea greens.
Simmer covered 30 minutes. Strain and discard solids.
Add I teaspoon Miso. Store in the fridge, covered.


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