The CONCEPT OF HAPPINESS in the Bhagavad-Gita: similarities and contrasts withe the hegemonic paradigm in the west

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The CONCEPT OF HAPPINESS in the Bhagavad-Gita: similarities and contrasts withe the hegemonic PARADIGM in the WEST Dr. Thiago Pelúcio Moreira Universidade Federal da Paraíba Abstract: The Bhagavad-Gita is a classical epic of Indian Literature, philosophy and religiosity which combines the poetic license of a Ancient scripture with the clarity and applicability required by an

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New! 9 modules to improve and maintain your well-being

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Designed to improve the quality of our lives, the 9 monthly modules combine techniques and procedures from traditional arts, such Yoga, Qigong, Phytotherapy (plant therapy), Do In, with techniques inspired from various modern domains, such as Psychology Mindfulness, Posturology, Nutrition, etc. To facilitate the choice according to individual needs, each class and each module are

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Integral Yoga Teacher Training Course

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The Teacher Training Course (TTC) of Integral Yoga is suitable for any person who wants to enhance personal development, gain and maintain health and harmony, and who is looking also to help and to teach other people. The TTC can be attended by people who practice yoga and, also, by the ones that never participated

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The Subtle Influence of the Colours

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The colours are more than an optical phenomenon or a technical vehicle for artistic expression.There is no colour without meaning and its effect is correlated with the given context. The colour of the clothes is unlikely highlighted against the different colours of a wall, a house, an aliment or a piece of art. The context

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What is Integral Yoga?

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The spiritual investigation of life’s purposes – searching answers at questions like “Why have I been born?” “Where am I coming from?” “Why am I living?” ”Where will I go after death?” – requires a keen intellect and a strong will; these are the products of a healthy body and mind. For this reason, the

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Yoga in schools programs. Some examples

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              References Buckley-Reen, A. (2009). Get Ready To Learn. New York, NY: Department of Education. Capra, F. (1975). Taofizica. O paralela intre física moderna si mística orientala. 3º Edição. Bucuresti: Ed. Tehnica. Chopra, D., & Simon, D. (2004). As sete leis espirituais do Ioga. Lisboa: Editorial Presença. Eliade, M.

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