New! 9 modules to improve and maintain your well-being

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Designed to improve the quality of our lives, the 9 monthly modules combine techniques and procedures from traditional arts, such Yoga, Qigong, Phytotherapy (plant therapy), Do In, with techniques inspired from various modern domains, such as Psychology Mindfulness, Posturology, Nutrition, etc. To facilitate the choice according to individual needs, each class and each module are

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Detox Drinks

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DETOX DRINKS Detoxification drinks have an influential effect on the body’s recuperative powers because of their rich, easily absorbed nutrients. Fresh juices contain proteins, carbohydrates, chlorophyll, mineral electrolytes and healing aromatic oils. But most importantly, fresh juice therapy makes available to every cell in our bodies large amounts of plant enzymes, an integral part of

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Spring Detox

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SPRING DETOX A “Spring Cleanse” is a breath of fresh air for your body after a long winter. A mild spring cleanse is an important, annual vitality technique no matter how healthy you are. Even though you may exercise during the winter to keep trim, most people still feel at an energy low during the

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Sexuality and Food

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SEXUALITY AND FOOD There are certain basic principles that are related to increased libido and sexual pleasure. Skipping meals, overeating, stress, fatigue, the psychic state, are factors that influence sexual potency. Food can be a key element for a successful sexuality. Foods contain vitamins, minerals and amino acids that can help to stimulate your sexual

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The correct combination of food for a healthy diet

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The correct combination of food for a healthy diet The process of digestion is the process in which the organism transforms the food ingested into nutrients. The nutrition of the physical body is performed in four stages: digestion, absorption, metabolism and evacuation. Each food group has its own specific enzymes. Generally, a protein specific enzyme

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