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The center’s basic purpose is to inspire, to encourage, and to nurture the human potential. Our goal is to achieve a holistic view of life, joining and experiencing ancient traditions like Yoga, Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Phytotherapy.       More
Yoga Classes

Yoga practices train and purify body and mind. Join our Integral Yoga Classes, every Wednesdays at 6:30 pm, at Pestana Palms in Funchal.

More information: 965 239 432.

Tai Chi Classes

Enjoy the classes of the famous Taoist Yoga techniques, Tao Yin Qigong,  every Monday and Thursday at 6:30 pm at Pestana Palms in Funchal.

More information: 964379491.


A new Project!
Comming soon.


One of the main modalities of healing and prevention of Traditional Chinese Medicine, that as been praticed for centuries.
Make an appointment: 965 239 432.


The miracle of plants that take off pains of our body and our soul, balancing our being by natural ways.

Make an appointment: 965 239 432.

In search of energy

To assimilate energies, gain more vitality, enrich your knowledge and spiritual practice, join us on our nature walks, retreats and travels in search of energy!


Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal - It has been a retreat where you feel a lot of interaction and unity among all! The different nationalities of the participants didn´t prevent us from feeling the togetherness! In a few days we learned how to do yoga and tai chi. We experienced lightness and a lot of joy! 🙂



I was lucky having met Dr.ª Carmen Mitroi, already many years ago. Beyond being a great human being, she is an extraordinary professional with a vast knowledge in everything she does, which is really immense. A therapist who we can trully trust.

Maria da Paz Pita

As a result of yoga practice I quit smoking (I was a smoker twenty years ago, daily average of at least 20 cigarettes a day) (...) I am happier with myself. Happiness without dependencies!

I., year 5

The practice of yoga made me a more serene person and helped me to always see the positive side of situations!

R., year 2

Yoga and Tai Chi Retreat, Sta Maria da Feira da Feira, Portugal.

This was a wonderful holiday, the teaching was very calm and skilled, and the learning was specific to meet individual needs. Carmen and Eugene are not only excellent teachers, they are good company too. Eugene is very generous with his knowledge, and Carmen's beautiful soul radiates for us all. It was a very busy programme, however, there was no pressure and "opt-offs" were possible at any time. Thank you both for a life changing experience. Love you both, xxx 🙂


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